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Document Analysis

January 12, 2019 in News

The four fundamental pillars of a strategy of CRM are composed by: business processes, culture business (people), data and technological tools. All are quite important for the development of a strategy of centralization on the client. One of failures encountered more in the implementation of such initiatives is that losProcesos of business are not aligned with a culture towards the customer. We have drawn up a working document, called process analysis for a CRM environment, which provides a methodological framework to assess this important component of CRM. We have included useful concepts to ensure that he evaluates the impact of a CRM strategy can generate in the form as your organization operates. Please refer to this article in its full text, which provides instructions for obtaining the document free of charge. Business processes are one of the main pillars of the strategy of CRM to the inside of the organization. Many cases of so-called implementations of CRM failure they are due to the lack of analysis and adaptation of business processes to the new conditions of operation that requires a policy of centralization on the client.

Cannot be expected simply, through guidelines or phrases indicate that the organization is now customer-oriented and do not make adjustments to the process model that possesses. Analysis of processes in an environment of CRM first requires that all assess the State of the same or even assess if they exist. The best tool that we have applied for this work is the definition of cycle evolution of customer, which can orient in the sense of identifying which are the points of contact with the client and assess which are the business processes that support these points of contact. An inventory of the processes is very useful and there you must obtain a diagnosis of the level of preparation that has the Organization to support adequately a centralization in the customer strategy.

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