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Defend The Rights

July 6, 2016 in News

Many times we feel that we are not respected as individuals, our rights and our dignity is not respected and that we belittle or scoff. Many times not to defend us from attacks on our personal dignity, and allow them idly, humiliated, and rendered without demanding respect, claim the right to be treated in a dignified way. The foregoing negatively affects our self-esteem, saddened and abate. The tool to prevent it from happening is called assertiveness. Assertiveness is defined as the ability to express our desires in a way friendly, candid, open, direct and proper, managing to say what we want without attacking others and negotiating its compliance with them.

In other words, assertiveness is the ability to claim, from a State of self-confidence, compliance with our rights without making any violent demonstrations and without fussing, a clear, balanced, coherent and direct. The opposite of other incorrect ways to do so: from rage, anger, nervousness, anxiety, fear, guilt is a form of defend himself intelligently, in a way mature, balanced, whereby not aggressive to others but not one is subjected to the will of others. There is no passivity, but neither aggressiveness. Base to work is to be convinced of the rights themselves, and have enough personal dignity to reclaim them, out of respect for one self and justice rightful one. Tone of voice does not need to express rage or anger, but has to be relaxed, but firm, and that do not leave any doubt that what is said is an order, evening but firm, or a defense, even if not accompanied by a bad side or a fuss that confirm it. Being assertive does not mean wanting to always be the reason, but express our opinions and points of view, they are these correct or not. Because everyone is entitled to be wrong. Some people avoid being assertive because they fear displease others and not be accepted for this reason.

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