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Daniela Ruiz

March 6, 2018 in News Tags:

However, the infantile imagination can be dangerous in situations where the child does not obtain to perceive damages, and finishes if involving in perigos, even though fatal. To play to eat plantinhas of vasinho of the mother can very be dangerous. Or when, in the school, the child is imagining a mount of tricks and if dispersed of the lesson. The pencil turns airplane and half of the lesson was lost. The parents must know its children the sufficient to know if it is well or not. She is necessary to have attention to the steps of the child, either in the trick in the deep one of the yard, either making the pertaining to school accompaniment. Perhaps it is not a quarrel that the child needs, but yes the understanding of its gestures and a well affective dialogue.

What the children learn with the unreal world? When small, the children incorporate models of lived deeply situations or sights in the cinema, reproducing the gestures and reinventando situations. If the family fights very, repairs that the tricks of the son go to involve aggressiveness and depending on the age of the child, this reproduction appears in the school, for times going crazy the teacher! But make-of-she counts healthy, that one that represents pleasant moments contributes for the intellectual formation of the child. She is as if it was an assay of the real life. Little imaginative children are also little creative. Then she is necessary to play very and. She can have games of rule, computer or DVD, but she cannot lack the playful trick, that one that histories are created and objects are transformed to compose the trick.

I believe that some children of today are having serious damages in the school, as in the elaboration of texts, because they had not played using the imagination, they had exercised the creativity little, therefore they had passed great part of the time with programmed games. what the children with the unreal world can learn? They can learn to work the frustration, to be more creative in the resolution of problems, if to develop in the verbal and corporal language and mainly to deal with the other, either real or imaginary. Which the tip for the parents who want to participate of this world of fancy with the children? The parents had lost the notion of the little time who pass with the children. Then my suggestion is that they use to advantage each minute with the child to play to imagine, respecting the pertinent phase to the evolution of the infantile imagination. Then, inside of the car the house way, can create histories, in the bath can invent the personage of the soap balls, ask for to enter in the trick of grupinho of friends being assumed a personage, attend a drawing together and later reinventar it, painting, to cut papers and to create real and unreal personages. The ways are many to participate of imagination of the children, but for this is necessary to leave the position of worried and tired parents to assume, per some minutes that either, the child position, nor that is for seating in the soil, walking bare-footed or to roll in the gram. It is enough to remember that one day we, parents, were children and to leave to happen. It tries. They will go to discover that it is relaxante, beyond narrowing the familiar affective bows! Daniela Ruiz de Mendona Psicloga and Psicopedagoga 2063 7912 2274 3395

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