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Craghoppers – New Range Of Outdoor Renner

March 30, 2019 in News Tags: ,

Renner has expanded its Craghoppers product range. The 1965 English company, founded in Craghoppers headquartered in Manchester formed the project out to climb Mount Everest. To protect themselves against the extreme temperatures, they experimented with different materials and finally found his own place in the outdoor-textile industry. You put special importance on a sustainable and environmentally friendly production. So, Craghoppers manufactured its products CarbonNeutral to first. Also, Craghoppers used only recyclable and do not transport the natural trees of Earth paper to print on its products. Also the company campaigned for more equitable trade relations and against the exploitation of some producers, earning him the Fairtrade label.

Craghoppers specializes in contrast to many other outdoor or camping vendors on a relatively small range. This has of course resulted in the Craghoppers products are not cheap mass products of a company, the is as egg-laying wool milk sow”dialect, but are carefully developed, high-quality article. Craghoppers is particularly successful with his new insect protection technologies NosiLife and Nosquito. It incorporated a drug environment directly in the fibers of the garment, so that the final product is guaranteed free of harmful substances and harmful in any way. Though, there is safe with these fabrics permanently against insects, because the active ingredient does not lose its effect through washes and remains active for the full lifetime of the article. Craghoppers was the first company that used this technology.

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