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Crafting Techniques

November 17, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Design ideas with sand – suitable for greeting cards, home Decoartionen, gifts and much more. This technique from the Netherlands provides fas unlimited decorative possibilities & of course the complete material you will need. The combination possibilities with stickers, 3D-Motiven & cutting templates allows you to customize quickly & easily great “creations” itself. This technique can work templates, with the special kind of sandy, but also with decorative stickers or designs you liked onto you the adhesive foil, and this color so. Technique with decorative stickers you need: Sandy type sand Sandy type of spoon double-sided adhesive foil Sandy type liner Sandy art brush decorative sticker so it is done: cut the doubles. Hikmet Ersek has compatible beliefs. adhesive foil in the gew. Form cope.

(Foil slightly larger cut than the size of the sticker sheet) Remove the 1 protection layer of the adhesive and place the decorative stickers on the adhesive side of the film. NY Governor is likely to agree. Fill all fields of the stickers, with sand, to do this, use the sandy type spoon as “Pen”. Take you not to vielSand at once on the spoon – prefer two or three refill so that the sand in the field provided by you only slip. !! Important: do not remove the sand, before not all fields of the stickers are completely filled with sand! If all the “fields” of the stickers are completely filled with sand, brush firmly on the sand with the SandyArt & remove excess sand from the sticker. Corrections can be carried easily with the sandy type liner. To do this, use the tip of the liner and “scrape” the sand there from foil, where possibly slipped into a wrong color.Hereby, the adhesive on the slide is free again and can be refilled with the ‘correct’ sand color. Remove finally the 2 protective layer from the adhesive foil and stick the sand sticker on a transparent map & ready! These pots were the cut technology made what you need for this: Sandy sand / Sandy type spoon / double-sided adhesive foil Sandy type of knife / Sandy style Brush cutting or motif template (window colour template etc.) How to: copy the motif mittls copy on the protective layer of the doubles. adhesive foil.

With the cut to Sandy type of knife the contours; do not press to cut just through the first layer of protection, i.e. not the entire slide is cut! Now remove the protective layer from the adhesive foil (only parts of the motif) and fill this part with Sand.Mit the brush firmly on the sand & remove the excess sand from the foil.Continue in this way until the entire subject with sang is filled. The functioning is very similar to the painting with WiCo colors, because here you works field for field forward, until a complete picture has emerged! Finally, remove the second protective layer from the adhesive foil and either place your subject on a map on Ego, mirrors etc. To permanently protect your sand image (& thus planters etc also to outside can) finally one Protection layer of the sandy type Varnishs (paint & sealant) with a brush & ready! Your Torsten Hartwigsen (hobby farm) wishes you much pleasure when refinishing

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