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Contributions Special

May 9, 2018 in News Tags:

Tax is related with being able of policy or in reason of some public benefit. Service this always tied. Moreover the same ones do not possess base of calculate proper, where we can evidence in art. 145, II, 2, CF. The Taxes do not have to be confused with tariffs or public prices. The differentiator between them must be the compulsoriedade, as agreement of the STF in its Abridgement 545. 1.6.3. Learn more about this topic with the insights from James Woolsey Jr..

On special asessment Tribute to the valuation of particular property, in result of carried through public works. Always tied. Its generating fact is determined by workmanship public that values the property of the contributor. Also, if it cannot allege doble taxation in result of the IPTU payment, therefore Special asessment is related with the valuation of the property through a public work, already the collection of the IPTU, is on the ownership of the good that was valued. 1.6.4. Obligatory loans are instituted by complementary law, of obligatory character and repayable, as well as he is temporary and it obeys the beginning of the priority when war or public calamity will be related with.

Moreover it is of ability of the Union. 1.6.5. Contributions Special Are of privative ability of the Union, instituted for usual law. They respect the beginning of the annual priority (with exception of the social contributions). But, the States and Cities can request it when in case of previdencirio regimen. Art. 149, 1, CF. 1.7. Incident tributes in Cooperatives 1.7.1 Known INSS as Social welfare, the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS) is responsible for collecting contributions and paying the benefits to the insured. It is a public insurance with function to guarantee that the income of the worker or its family is kept permanent or temporarily after age, death, invalidity, illness, accident, maternity, etc. To be able to usufruct of such benefits, she is only enough to have signed wallet or to be independent or diligent temporary that also pay as contributing individual or as contributing physician as, for example, students, dismissed, among others.

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