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December 16, 2017 in News Tags:

The CONTRA informed pest control ants they provide valuable services apply as very industrious animals and nature. But they are tons in the House and garden to find, should they be combated effectively, because there are not only harmless species of ants, but also those that can cause the damage. Preferably, ants build their nests in the ground, wood, under floorplates, honeycomb-walls and also in the budget. Can you be an effective pest control safely and in the long term. Remove for years successfully ants CONTRA pest control from Eisenhuttenstadt and informed what matters.

Effective measures put an end to the great baby many attack when a plague of ants to home remedies or use products from the hardware store. They can be quite effective for some types of Ant. There are also those that are not so easy to eliminate. Experienced pest exterminator is required in these cases. Because ants quickly continue to multiply, must be traded. Because an Ant Queen is up to 20 years old and produces approximately 1 million eggs per year.

Ants can cause damage, for example, in buildings, in substantial amounts. In the garden, ants are not only useful and can destroy plants. Before the start of an Ant control, experts are determining the kind of Ant. In this way, it is possible to determine the life and food habits and to initiate a successful control measure. The proper fight can last up to half a year, and more in some Ant species and must lead to the removal of all nests and Queens. So, ants can be removed selectively and especially long term. For details about the Ant control and to all other services CONTRA available pest control of Eisenhuttenstadt anytime. Press contact CONTRA pesticide contact: Angelika Schlensog malt route 6a 15890 Eisenhuttenstadt phone: 03364 454946 fax: 03364 750118 Email: Homepage:

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