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September 9, 2019 in News Tags:

A very good consultation on the part of a visitor to my Blog originated this article which I hope to many. Procedure for the calculation of the readjustment of the canon of lease. Today in Chile, almost no longer residential lease contracts that are expressed in dollars if not that, like corporate or commercial leases these are already working with our known UF. This phenomenon has occurred by the great economic stability Chile has grown through the years and increasingly have expanded deadlines for readjustments in lease contracts reaching even parameters do it once a year. Check out Frank Armijo for additional information. Therefore, lately housing rental contracts are have been drafted in UF achieving a monthly adjustment without having to be constantly and every 3 months calculating the new value of monthly rental for a residential property.

The benefits are numerous both for the owner and the lessee, and more comfortable for the real estate agent who leads the administrations of these buildings. It is thus as each tenant to arrive the date of payment stipulated in the contract of lease only you must multiply the value of the barrel expressed in UF the UF value that day and ready, your new canon’s lease is up to date. This allows the lessee to constantly know the value of your lease and frees the owner be constantly bothered to calculate the new lease even though this does not exempt him revise that that calculation your tenant has succeeded it. It should be noted that the variation of the CPI can be negative or positive depending on market fluctuations that affect the value of the goods and services involved for the monthly calculation of economic index so at times the value of the barrel down and others will rise depending on whether the CPI is being positive or negative for a particular month. Case of leases written in pesos, reset can be quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis as they agreed by the parties at the time of closing the deal.

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