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Connection Owner Must Teach Not Their Adult Members

July 8, 2018 in News Tags: ,

Supreme Court rules: Subscribers must teach not their adult members of the BGH has now decided in a recent decision by the 08.01.2014 that adult family members within the framework of the so-called file-sharing cases may need to teach not adult family members and not enlighten, that they commit no copyright infringement through file sharing. The Supreme Court is assuming that the connection owner leaves the adult family members from familial closeness and attachment to use his connection and assume without any occasion can the adult family member not in illegal file-sharing to stop and upload a possible make. Is the connection owner so not responsible for adult family members, if they accidentally or intentionally upload in so-called illegal Internet file sharing networks have made, if there is no evidence that they would abuse the Internet connection for illegal file sharing. So has BGH the liability of the holder begrussenderweise not only against minor members of the family, (BGH: Morpheus decision by the 15.11.2012) but now also to adult family members, significantly limited. It will be exciting to watch, whether the Supreme Court transmitted this exculpatory factors for the connection owner restaurants, main and boarder relationships and shared communities. Anyway, is the first step in this direction. If you need warning in any way help due to file sharing – send us an email: or call us at gladly! Georg Schafer Attorney

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