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Commerce Entrepreneur

December 7, 2017 in News Tags:

Provides are also extensive practical experience. In a sense they are after this semester of actually full-fledged entrepreneur. After this training, have a wide entrepreneurial knowledge and know-how and use the experience of others to. So of course improves your competitive situation. This should look forward also to your bank! Not without reason, this training is supported by the Thuringer Aufbaubank.

Making our course can therefore an important contribution to the full-fledged entrepreneur”. In addition come then of course your own practice and life experience. 4. the instructors are both entrepreneurs and executives from the industry, as also professors from universities of applied sciences. What advantages does this mixture for the participants? All our instructors bring practical experience in their respective specialty, the professors of higher education institutions in addition to their scientific know-how. You are an important just because of this combination of theory and practice Enrichment of the training.

5. how practical is the course? This training is fully practical. Of course one needs also knowledge for practice, but this knowledge is so selected and conveyed so that it has a concrete practical benefits for the entrepreneur. Because we know from our consulting experience, where mistakes and wrong decisions can arise. Our goal is to fill these information gaps widespread. In addition, participants have the possibility to introduce their own practice questions and to discuss the course, or to interact with other participants in. If you have further questions, each participant has of course also the chance, irrespective of the further training, to take personal advice. 6. what must a businessman or entrepreneur invest? There are government incentives for this course? “Talk of investing”. That’s exactly right, because this investment by 1,500.00 for 98 Hours, which means that only approx. 15.30 per lesson, will bring then many times to return him in his business, regardless of whether he/she entrepreneur is or will be in a foreign company as executive responsibility. Also the education premium can be used for this training depend on income from 500.00; and Thuringian founder can take advantage of the promotion over the founders pass. And finally each participant regardless of whether he employee or entrepreneur or self-employed is the cost of this training tax claim and thus taxes may save. 7. who remains the contractor or successor upon successful completion to the page? The training itself includes no individual advice during or after the course. But of course each lecturer assist during training after the respective event to a short, personal interview available. Each participant can be also – as has already been mentioned individually advised in his own personal questions. He / she does not need it as is common in the consulting, the cat in the bag”buy, but knows the person he/she wants to work with the then. The Chamber of Commerce also offers seminars as well as individual advice. Successor to that organised for a gratuitous consulting day now network corporate succession North Thuringia – once in the quarter. There are also seminars and the follow-up Forum. Mrs. Lambrecht, I warmly thank you for the interview and wish you much success with the challenging training event.

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