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Colombian Association

December 16, 2014 in News Tags:

Thanks to Atelca resisted the process and some organisms express their opposition as the county comptroller, the ombudsman, the attorney general of the nation, Asofondos, the Colombian Association ETB. "This year, exactly on September 10, SINTRATELEFONOS filed a class action with which primarily sought to protect the collective rights of society on the ETB, for belonging to the public sphere For the etb is collectively owned by all Bogotanos and pass into private hands Added to this, the process does not conform to the constitution and the law 226 of 1995 to privatize the Council of Bogota is obligated to approve the share issue reminds popular action and in 1997 the Company Bogota Power, BSE, gave a similar case in which armed themselves CODENSA EMDESA and valuable proportion of shares through the settlement of thousands of millions of dollars and then the company undercapitalized, with the figure of the capital reduction ie, sack their capital, but still remained with the conduct of the entity. The concern is Will it be like with the ETB? The ignorance of this process added to the action of the ETB is changing, Rising or Lowering its price, is due primarily to the pursuit of this strategic partner in itself. And not the actions in defense of it, another thing is that privatization be used, see what the paper said portfolio through its editor Luisa Gomez Rodriguez: "The titles of the year the company pulled in 572 pesos. In addition, on Tuesday the company's stock rose to 1280 pesos.

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