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Cleaning Dust from your PC.

May 12, 2016 in News Tags:

You will not believe it, but dust and tobacco smoke are the death of so few PCs. Unexplained system crashes, are often not traceable, the horror every PC technician. PC help is sometimes difficult in the case. If one can rule out memory and power supply as a culprit, often helps a look into the case of the computer. Most PCs are cleaned in the course of their lives and are never so filthy. The fine openings of the processor cooler are clogged and the fan cools at most the area between the slats. So that the processor gets too little cooling is thus clear and found the reason for the dropouts.

If the PC it still stands in a smoking environment, the whole is worse, because the nicotine deposited on the fins and is in the sticky mass of all the dust stuck additionally. The same also applies to graphics cards cooler and other components of the PC. The coating of dust can also lead to tension namely aberrations on the board and the sensitive components. Damage The realization of this is clear: We should at least once every six months off the computer, remove the plug and the thing with a brush, compressed air and vacuum at dealing with move to ensure continued function. Then you can also help save a computer emergency. By the way, you could alternatively remove the comic thermal pad under the radiator and replace it with the much better heat conductive paste.

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