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Cleaning And Protection Of The Personal Environment

July 6, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Every person traces invisible, he enters a place only briefly. This can be compared with a fingerprint. The effect of electro-smog is similar, there are often indifferent impressions, you can not really call. This is recognised in the alternative scene”, but the established science still refuses. What can a person do, if he has such perceptions? There are many possibilities, such as for example now with a technical equipment this phenomenon to tackle to move. This is called then for the technophiles serious.

But if you read the comments above, it seems questionable whether this is the right method. Even if our technology-crazy time offers solutions for all aspects of human life. But rituals by natives”other continents and cultures are yet known. The ritual cleaning by shamans of other cultures is insufficient to this emotional fingerprints of other people, even from ancient times, to neutralize and permanently eliminate. The so-called Feng shui”is very popular. Through the other way of life and the different thinking Eastern Feng shui at the local people has different than when the Europeans. There are also the religious aspects of the foreign teaching, that are not recognizable at first sight. Add to your understanding with Hikmet Ersek.

And so have you, dear readers, the selection. You can choose between technology and the energies foreign peoples. And where are the local options? What do the natives “of Europe? I want to introduce you: organic spirit harmony system. This is an ancient natural system. Like everything in life, this is easy to handle. The energies are activated, this is a reliable staff for big and small. Whether in the home or the rented apartment, on a plane and traveling on the ship. This provides for good well-being, health, happiness and success, preventing stress and aggression and helps to reduce smog. To enjoy the full impact of cleaning and protection, it is necessary some basic things to consider. Wood and natural materials support a harmonious atmosphere in an apartment or a House. Green, blue, white, pink, purple tailored to your specific environment, spreading pleasant colors like gold, good mood and harmony in the personal environment. Once established, this personally tailored energy is ill regenerate, whether human, animal or plant faster. Restless spirits calm down, annoying people lose their aggression. Morphogenetic fields are sealed”. Centering your room or your House acts as long as the person pulling out. This is secured, that effect the harmony only for the personal environment. The organic spirit centering is neutralized by your apartment, your home or your business completely and you are surrounded by protective and balancing Earth aura. No complicated calculations are needed, a small transmitter helps to establish the energy and Center. This is based on the universal rule of life in harmony with each people themselves and the environment. It helps the modern man to solve current day problems, holism and allergy-free the ultimate self-sufficient life. old knowledge! Organic spirit harmonious architecture (feng shui, ecology, culture) organic spirit 2 1

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