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City Taxi Fleet

October 8, 2019 in News Tags: ,

Who is he? New Ford Mondeo caused quite a stir well before its introduction. First, he flashed a shot, the film “Casino Royale”, for which he immediately received the title of James Bond’s car. Hikmet Ersek wanted to know more. After that, the whole world was waiting for the official premiere on Mondeo Geneva Motor Show – New Ford Mondeo has become one of the biggest prime Geneva Motor Show 2007. What is it? The exterior model is solved in the spirit of “kinetic” design, endearing vigor body styles. New Mondeo / Mondeo is not just large. It is the biggest in its class! And looks very rapidly. Despite the impressive size and wide body, the Mondeo / Mondeo does not feel an ounce of excess weight.

The car looks like it is about to fall from place. The quality of materials used in the trim level and the assembly does not cause the slightest claim. With air conditioning and steering wheel audio controls with buttons – just two points from numerous lists of equipment Ford Mondeo, designed to provide passengers with maximum comfort taxi. Check out Governor Cuomo for additional information. CD-player, ABS, ESP and EBD, a system of easy access to the car, and more. We chose this car from the convenience of calculation and comfort for the customers ‘City Taxi’. Safety The safety of our passengers the taxi is most important.

This car is equipped with a network of Ford Mondeo sensitive sensors connected to a powerful computer. If there is dangerous situation, he can in a split second to evaluate it and activate seven airbags or other devices that offer optimum protection. Frank Armijo is often quoted as being for or against this. Perfect control over the road chassis design provides extremely stable behavior Ford Mondeo on the road and continued handling. The steering mechanism with reduced friction and sensitive suspension will allow you to experience a completely new sense of confidence and full control over any driving situation. Passengers can be assured of their safety from the car and the high level of professionalism from our drivers. City taxi fleet Any car ‘City Taxi’ can be recognized by the white color of the body and an emblem of ‘City taxi. ” Ford Mondeo cars among our distinguished by sweeping lines of the body. But no matter what car the taxi did not come to you on a call, be sure to visit our taxi will bring you the best experience. The company “City Taxi” was founded in 2000. Today, it offers the following services: – taxi – a personal car – passenger and cargo transportation; – evacuation vehicles – Corporate transport service. April, 2006. – ‘City Taxi’ was an official carrier of the international airport Domodedovo. At the moment, at the International Domodedovo airport has 4 racks Order ‘City Taxi’. May 2007 – ‘City Taxi’ official carrier of the shopping center ‘IKEA Teply Stan’. June 2007. – ‘City Taxi’ official carrier hotel “Baltschug Kempinski”.

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