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Choosing Headphones

September 15, 2019 in News Tags:

The first headphones very, very personal and very subjective category. Including audio, you're left with headphones alone. It would not have tried pushing the company's vendors latest in comfort and aesthetics of headphones – this is just the initial selection criteria. Here we shall not consider the overhead headphones and earbuds. These headphones – in terms of audiophile-should create a volume where the head cushion and dynamics are the walls of the room, and you – are your ears. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of specifications leaves waiting to be desired.

Set of technical parameters, of course, is important in the selection, but still above all, only you can assess sound quality headphones, based on the style preferences of music and playing their own criteria. Divide the headphones for wireless and wire. The obvious advantage of wireless – the freedom of movement, lack of wire clutter forever, in one word – comfort. Thredup pursues this goal as well. In terms of technology – Today, there are two analog standard for transmission of audio signal: the infrared and radio. It becomes clear that this method are inherent disadvantages of fm radio – interpenetration of channels, limited frequency reproduction and dynamic range. As there is an alternative available techniques – known Digital Bluetooth.

But such a path transmission is very complicated (mainly due to conversion to analog digits), and therefore very expensive, because of what cheap and competitive in the solution without loss of quality does not happen, and it follows that mainly Bluetooth headset to a standard hi-fi do not hold out. Concludes: audiophile headphones is better to be with the wire. Next, look at the dynamics of wide aperture, or even without it. In both these cases is realized hi-fi quality, but different methods: in the first case, different sections of the diaphragm is treated with different frequency ranges, resulting in the output of the system turns a rich, broadband and colored sound. In the second case, all makes small membrane, which works like a column twitter. Such a technique mastered so far only Austrian company, akg, and mostly it's considered exotic. Finally it is worth noting that there are headphones specializing in the treatment of silent signals – an overtone, makrodinamiku, and there is a flashy, outstanding peaks. The first reveal their potential for listening to cassettes and vinyl, the second – MP3 and numbers. If you are interested buy headphones, I can recommend to you the online store audio EliteHiFi in St. Petersburg. It will help you select the headphones on the basis of taste preferences, the above parameters. There are headphones on such famous brands like akg, Audio-Technica, jbl, Koss, Sennheiser, any type, including, Audiophile, studio, Hi-Fi, headsets, headphones, clips, etc. Wireless Headphones Akg interested in professional sound engineers – such as akg k142 hd. Sennheiser headphones and Headphones Koss, are in demand among fans of hi-fi sound and teenagers. Worth noting that the store acoustic EliteHiFi only works with official distributors, so the entire proposed product has a firm guarantee. Also, you can choose his liking speaker system, amplifier, mini systems (eg B & W Zeppelin for your iPod), home entertainment and speakers to it.

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