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Central Product Manager

April 2, 2017 in News Tags:

To meet the critical needs of modern communication service provider, Comarch has changed the architecture of his ago show product of Comarch business support system (BSS). Dusseldorf, Comarch his ago show product of Comarch business support system (BSS) architecture to meet March 10, 2011 – meet the critical demands of modern communications service providers, has changed. This now supports the optimization of IT architectures and cost savings as well as innovations, the acceleration of business processes and reduce time-to-market operators. The BSS suite is designed around the core area of the B2C business of mobile, fixed and cable network operators to support. It allows also the development of new markets, such as B2B and M2M, as well as the increase of revenue in these areas, what is of great importance. Comarch BSS consists of a range of products covering different areas: marketing and sales, product management, Billing, vendor / partner management, service monitoring and application integration. Noteworthy is also that already by BSS a subsequent integration with OSS was taken into account in the development. Together with ComArch OSS or existing OSS systems, this suite can deliver unique convergence of BSS/OSS.

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, BSS product manager of telecommunications Department, Comarch, explains: the best architecture is very important from the perspective of IT. Therefore, our entire BSS architecture characterised by modularity and perfect integration. BSS has been developed as a consistent product, its components are fully integrated in other systems. For example, the crucial component of Central Product Manager is an integral part of the architecture. It allows managing offers, specifications, and product life cycles in one place and is integrated perfectly in all other BSS module and also in the OSS-service catalogue. In addition she has for the numerous open interfaces, Integration into existing systems can be used. The same is true for other components, such as convergent billing or CRM.

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