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Catholic Christianity

November 3, 2017 in News

The descendants of St. Peter have always been our parents, but the war had left us orphans, as the Lamb that bullet in vain by the mother who has lost. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Western Union Company. The tender mother has looked and has returned to the fold: she has given us pastors worthy of the Church and the Republic. These illustrious Princes and the flock of Colombia parents are our links sacred with heaven and Earth. They will be our teachers and models of religion and political virtues. The Union of the censer with the sword of the law is the true Ark of the Covenant. Gentlemen: I toast by Allied saints of the homeland, the Ilmos.

Archbishops of Bogota and Caracas, Bishops of Santa Marta, Antioquia and Guiana. This is an accurate interpretation of our origin and our historic destination within absolute truths advocated by the Catholic Church, welcoming the guiding and historical destination of our ethics and tight to the existing political Constitution of 1991 which in its preamble invokes God’s protection and in the final part of the preamble ensures that the Constitution and thus their citizens are committed to promote the integration of the Latin American community, the U. Great Colombia and its ethics Centre highlights the importance of the ethical evolution in the construction of professionals who serve with honesty, responsibility, solidarity from their profession, contributing to a more just society in the field of the social doctrine of the Church respecting the pluridimensionalidad of human beings without forgetting the importance of rationality. Understanding that freedom is essential, but this University understands it well within this context: Catechism of the Church Catholic 1730 God to created the rational man giving it the dignity of a person with initiative and the domain of their acts, wanted to God let the man into the hands of its own decision so that it seeks its creator without coercion and, adhering to, freely reaches perfection full and happy. The man is rational, and so like God; It was created free and owner of their acts. Catholic Christianity has as objectives the following points where we can find some overlap within the project launched the strategy of the Centre for ethics of the U.G.C. observe: within the own Center of ethics of the U.G.C.

strategies the first point of the strategy for achieving the mission is; get the construction of an ethical human centric processes of reflection, research, and spirituality as the basis of the project of life and professional practice. This in connection with their exercise of the freedom given by God. The U.G.C. ensures that professional responsibility should visualize a horizon of Justice leaving only corporate sense. This is another point of identity with the constitutional commitment of every citizen participate within stipulated by the title IV De La participation democratic and political parties particularly the art.111 112, because the strategy poses to achieve the Mission of the professional practice of the gran Colombian geared to serve the community. The center of ethics of the Gran Colombia contributes to the generation of a society with more freedom and social justice. In this sense, the University seeks to a Colombia within a democratic framework, with social justice, oriented towards the common good and to legitimize what is public from a comprehensive conception that seeks inclusive and solidary individuality. (PEI) l Ethics Center proposes boosting the capacity for reflection and assessment ethics identifies this purpose with the fact of that the U.G.C. Search for auto human fulfillment from the construction and the strengthening of the ethics of life original author and source of the article project

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