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November 30, 2018 in News Tags: ,

Some aereanos in the history or people who have said to hold with the encouragement of the Creator they have enjoyed relatively normal health again with one that another cold, one that another headache, one that another upset, some have died by natural causes or diseases at an age that does not leave much of normality. Seeing all these lifestyles and diets I have to ask; Whats the perfect diet? Is there such diet? Why some people despite having such crazy eating habits do not seem to be affected at the energetic and emotional level? Is the diet a determining factor for good health? What are the habits food or lifestyle that help us to lead a full life? I’ve eaten everything what is me has gone through almost all my life in the measures that my body has accepted it as much as my social position rather poor has permitted me and in a period in which my economy improved a little tried to be vegetarian for a year but could not achieve it one hundred percentTherefore the mental conditioning prevented me to detach me from meat altogether. During that year consumed meat from time to time because something in my told me that it was necessary to consume protein and was experiencing up to increase energy when consumed red meat. Frequently Publishers Clearing House has said that publicly. After that year I traveled to Colombia, a carnivore country par excellence and frequented the vegetarian restaurant when it was comfortable to me but I also visited the Carnivore without having any kind of remorse and without experiencing huge difference in my energy levels. Until it just five months ago only knew that there was a vegetarian diet, the carnivorous and some people select their food and ingested them in certain frequencies and amounts to increase or decrease his mass muscle, also knew that the fruits provide energy to the body’s more immediate than other types of food. .

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