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May 22, 2013 in News Tags: ,

Many times we regret not to be able to have higher incomes without realize that we could have more opportunities to enjoy the money we receive from certain deficiencies in how we spend. Not everything is in generating more than what we currently perceive, there are other options that are always within our reach. Not complain about the high price of things and of life in general, enough to learn how to optimize our revenue and generate new consumer and payment options. Many times the money leaks in our pockets propitiated by bad habits to spend. A clear example is that of debts from credit cards: one buys or pays something, going up the card, provides the minimum amounts required by the credit institution and do not realize that most of that money goes to pay interest and only a small part going to the capital of the debt payment.

We are creating a never-ending debt because in many cases we can only hope to make the minimum payment to use the card and return to let her butt. We live eternally indebted. On many occasions We ended up in the credit Bureau that closes new possibilities for credit in the future. A strategy that I propose, to get out of this vicious circle is in learning to minimize other everyday expenses that we have not reduced for months, but using those resources to not reload the card of new spending and make the largest possible contributions to the debt. Examples there are many: If you go to the movies and always spend on popcorn of 40 pesos, today takes the same 40 weights for other spending that will help you not to use the card or bring it directly to the debt to lower the amount of the same. Turn off certain lights, optimize water heater, use the public transport system that helps you to save gasoline and parking lots, and awareness of that saved money to bring it to other major consumptions or lower debt of credits that tend to be unhealthy and lead us to live more indebted throughout life. Smoke a little less, eat other foods, not wasted light, food, etc. Maybe one day you can play to wash your car and provide the amount of esa washed to your debt.

Observe What are the charges which we will generally charge on our credit card and pay for them directly with this reduction in expenses. I suggest that you take a pencil and do a list of expenses where the capital that you could save may be leaking are. But not only save in these areas, separates the money as if you’d spent, and thereby recover used to lower debts and not making new charges but help liquidate them. Clean up finance helps us generate more opportunities for growth; It is proven that emotional tranquility regard have less debt and more economic tranquillity, helps us to think better and not hasty or panic decisions. Once liberated your debts, if you’ve developed better habits of consumption and savings, surely have, little by little, a small capital to build projects that can generate you new business and additional revenue to the current ones and consequently improve your quality of life. Work calmly to build new investments and exit of constant crises, beyond the that passes into the international economy. We aware that we also influence our crises. Work and remember the value of your thoughts, and take care of our actions can help us to live better. Reinvent your life.

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