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Bitrix Site Manager

April 24, 2014 in News Tags: ,

It has recently become the norm, that any, even the smallest company in the internet have a website on which the company described as engaged and contacts with managers. Representation of any company in the internet this is not just creating a site, an active labor-intensive job of supporting and administering the site. And how much to pay such a specialist? Product 1C Bitrix allowed to save big money any company. How did this happen. The fact that administer sites on '1 with Bitrix content management system 'any person. Without recourse to experts, you can create a separate account for each person to distinguish between administrative rights and do support, content and administration site on Bitrix 1c. Friendly user interface on the site with '1 Bitrix content management system 'allows operate as separate pages and modules, and the whole site in general, a person with any education and without specialized knowledge of web programming, html, and layout.

And do not forget to order the creation of the site is at professionals. The company 'Simpson' is a Gold Certified Partner 1C Bitrix, indicating that the vast experience in creating sites on 1C Bitrix. Currently, the company 'Simpson' acts anti-crisis program aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses: the creation of a site at 1c Bitrix, domain name registration and hosting for one year for a year free of charge. Also, when creating a site on the 1s Bitrix, free starter pack promoting your site. The free pack includes: content optimization, optimization of meta-data registration for the base directory of the home page, register in the ratings, the registration in major search engines, four writing promotional articles for two thousand characters and their distribution on free directories and social news collections. Use of the product 1C Bitrix Site Manager is a real saving your money a complex economic situation. Download price for website development and promotion 1C Bitrix Site

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