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October 11, 2016 in News

They are very practical in rain or fog because they prevent the formation of small drops of rain in the eye, very annoying to a sharp observation. Normally not included with the binoculars, but if they do already in many high-quality models. As noted above, the use of binoculars tripod is recommended for more than 12 times and in practice, required by over 20 increases. This is because the tripod sharply reduces vibration of the image in the binoculars powerful, allowing for comfortable viewing. When choosing a tripod, are essential, including three basic characteristics: weight, height and type of head.

As far as weight is concerned, must anticipate the general principle that the greater weight of the tripod more stability and hence better prismatic settlement platform, which will ultimately less vibration and better quality of vision. Therefore, provided that the weight of the tripod is not a factor, it is preferable to choose large, heavy tripods. If we need to ease or convenience of transportation, we will choose lighter models, but not excessively, as this will result in an unpleasant vibration of prismatic (especially in windy conditions). The tripod head, that is, rotating the upper structure on which rests the prismatic or chosen to be examined carefully. It is always preferable to a head type "video", ie, damped movements both horizontally and vertically, as with these heads is much more comfortable and accurate vision and tracking of moving objects (birds, wild animals, ships, etc.). . The prism coupling to the head is usually accomplished by a piece of L-shaped metal, purchased separately.

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