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Beauty Ceiling

October 21, 2017 in News Tags: ,

So back to the process. LED backlight for easier use plasterboard ceiling rectangular LED modules are in contrast to the round gives a more uniform light line. Also You can use the LED strings – their advantage, high uniformity of illumination, and the disadvantages: high cost compared with LED clusters and prenasyschennost color in interior lighting ceiling. Illuminated LED cords ceilings often have a very bright and oversaturated light halo, which eventually becomes annoying. Therefore, in practice in a residential area convenient for interior lighting use LED modules. So where do you start the installation of LED lighting ceiling with his hands? First, select the desired color of light the LED module, then count how many modules and power supplies we need.

For the calculation we need to measure the length of the illuminated ceiling line, considering all the curved elements. LED modules for the interior lighting is usually set at every 15 cm (although this is distance can vary, it depends on the distance between the ceiling and a niche, as well as emission color LEDs). To determine the exact distance between the LED modules is better to experiment first took more modules and expanding their niche on the surface, connect the power supply and lighting effects to compare then bringing it by removing the LED modules from each other, while our goal is to achieve maximum uniform illumination without darkening spots on the ceiling. After determining the exact distance between the modules, and knowing the length of the illuminated lines count the number of LED modules needed for our work. To do this, divide the total length illuminated through the ceiling on the distance between the LED modules. For example the line length of the ceiling illuminated 7m (700sm) and we have determined that the most uniform illumination in our case is obtained at a distance between clusters sm.Delim 15 700 to 15 and rounding, we get 47 it is the number of LED clusters required for the job. Now consider how much we need the power supply (and any power) for the number of clusters. To do this, multiply the wattage of a single cluster on the number and add to it the product of 20%.

In our example, multiply 47 by 0.25 and add 20% get 14 Tues Accordingly, we need a power supply with 15 watts or more. For example here is a power supply for LED backlight>>. So after settlement, buy parts and get to work! The task of the installer just to lay evenly chain of LED clusters, as repeating the bending radii of the caisson or niche plasterboard ceiling, putting LED modules in one line. You can not attach the clusters on the surface of the ceiling, if they fit in pockets and ledges, but it should be remember that if you are going to periodically vacuuming these ceiling cavity, it is better to fix the clusters with double-sided adhesive tape, pre-clearing the surface of dust. This is necessary because the LED modules are lightweight and loose, can get a vacuum cleaner when cleaning. After installation connect the wires using electrical tape or a chain of contact pads and connecting the LED modules in parallel. Energizes the circuit from Power Supply and Beauty …

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