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Bartrand Russel

December 19, 2012 in News Tags:

Already Plato, in dialogue with Scrates recognized that it has subjects on which is very difficult to know accurately, ' ' in this in case that, is necessary to choose the doctrine that in them seems best, most resistant to the refutation. Supported in it, as one has asked for wooden that it floats, must sail for the life arrostando the perigos, until the chance appears to find some stronger and trustworthy thing, less perigosa' '. With the progress of the civilization, the man goes obtaining to extend the field of its scientific knowledge, and what it was mere philosophical speculation started to integrate science. Bartrand Russel affirms, with certain dose of cynicism, that ' ' science is what we know and the philosophy everything what not conhecemos.' ' For it, the philosophy would be a species of classification, that if reserves what it still cannot be treated scientifically, of form that to the measure that the man progresses in its to know if produces a displacement of questions, that initially if had planteado in the philosophical scope, for the scientific one. Also it is the positioning of J.M. Bochenski, that, in Introduction to the Philosophical Thought, P. 22, says: ' ' Thus, if they assign philosophical definitive attempts solely to still decide or to clarify diverse problems imaturos.' '. John Langshaw Austin, in Ifs and Cans, P. 109, if valley of a pretty image: ' ' In the history of the inquiry human being, the philosophy occupies the place of the initial, seminal and tumultuous sun central; from time to time, if it unfastens some portion of itself exactly that it takes position as a science, a well regulated tbio planet and, that progresses regularly until a distant final state. This occurred has times with the birth of the mathematics and later with the birth of the physics; in the last century (century XIX) we only witness the same process a time, more slow and in its almost imperceptible time, when the birth of the science of the Mathematical Logic was produced, by means of joint work of philosophers and matemticos.' ' The physical theory of Einstein, still in 1919, was considered highly abstract and speculative, lacking it did not debate who it and it refuted.

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