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March 7, 2018 in News Tags:

The invention checks throughout its history has been considered an important means of providing an unlimited number of financial activities and in turn are considered as an important tool to maintain order ever so important corporate issues such as accounting. Checks through its application today may be assigned exclusively to certain uses and in turn they can be processed for the recovery of that is done in certain specific ways, with the aim of improving safety and accuracy in the movements financial, whether a person or entity. Some of these types of checks are: general cross-check: This is a check that has two parallel lines in front indicating that it is crossed and therefore this to be collected must be deposited in a bank account with the purpose of increasing security checks and in turn continue tracking the money. Check nominative: this type of check can only be cashed by the person described in it, the main feature that has this is that can not be attributed to another person, therefore can not be endorsed. Bearer Cheque: characterized by being able to be claimed by the person having possession, usually this type of check is often used to pay relatively small accounts, because the safety of this can be somewhat unsatisfactory. James Woolsey Jr.: the source for more info. Cheque payment: this check can not be endorsed, or charged in cash can be deposited only way to credit the account holder. Certified check: this check has the characteristic that to be charged the contractor must substantiate that it has the necessary financial funds for this amount is deducted from the same, this operation is done through the use of words such as "certified and compliant" in the check, so well and only then will cash the check to the recipient.

In addition to the account holder the amount will be deducted directly from financial funds coupled with the charges and commissions for banking activity. Cheque: This is the check banks made for the payment of an amount to a specific beneficiary. Travelers Cheque: These are checks issued in certain specific currencies as dollar or euro, which can be changed by that amount in any of the subsidiaries abroad, this facilitating and controlling the financial costs without fear of losing cash . The main virtue is that they have these checks can be easily exchanged for cash or can be used directly as money, with the single case of endorsement. Blank Checks: This check is made with all the necessary requirements to be a cashier's check with the only difference that this does not have a specific amount of money under the same, in order that the carrier enter the amount you want. The use of this type of check is almost nil because of the great danger that these have to account holders. In conclusion, the variety that have checks make these a useful tool applicable in almost any situation regardless of their financial nature, it's good to note that despite the large number of checks that exist at present these are mainly characterized by a high security offer, significantly helping to preserve our financial resources.

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