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Axe Place

November 23, 2014 in News Tags:

It came back toward the Chapada, transtornado and with a crossed well great knot in the throat, when arriving its house, ran away the appetite to it. In that one exactly day, planned of irascible form the revenge. To effect its intentions, she kept I silence, not even its wife Joana Josefa was knowing. In the following day, still before the bar clarear, she encilhou its braiador horse, she took the route of the Charnecas, to the search of a valento, of Caetano name and she offered two a thousand together kings to it to give good sova in ' cabra' Manoel de Brito. Manoel de Brito, at this time, liveed there for the bands of the Hidding place, it had situated one it cultivates of tobacco in the ebb tide of the stream Richness and was anxious to vender the changes of its plantation. Higino asked for the Caetano, that of dissimulated form, it said to the cited disaffection that it wanted to buy tobacco changes to make one cultivates in the sand bank of the ribeira of the Axe. However, the plain age to apply a good beating to it in a solitary place, where the moans were suffocated by the mass of weeds.

As well as agreement, Caetano took the insolent one, until the side of the stream, while Mr. Higino, followed sorrateiramente among rama of caatinga. Thus, Manoel de Brito left in direction to the capital punishment place, but of foresighted form it followed leading to the waist a sharp gardening and a machete rooster tail. When arriving at the combined place, Caetano said in high and irascible voice: – It is prepared to apanhar, disembarassed goat! You never more go to insult man none! Manoel gave a zombeteira laugh, it jumped it stops backwards and it dragged the fossil hunter. In this instant, Higino appears among the shrubs as a infuriated jararaca, holding in the right hand a bludgeon of juc.

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