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Average Companies

October 22, 2012 in News Tags:

Last week she was prodigal in bad notice. The real numbers are against us. If let us not see: – the IBGE divulged jib of the GIP of 3,6% in the room trimester of the last year; – data of the Small Union of the Average Companies of So Paulo indicate fall of 19% in the sales in the two first months of this year; – also the IBGE divulged a reduction of 1,3% of the industrial job in January of this year; – research of the CNI, between days 4 and 11 of March, sample that 54% of the industries already had fired because of the crisis and that for 40% of the entrepreneurs the measures adopted for the BC had not been efficient. In January, the sales of the industry had fallen 13.4%, if comparative the same with 2008 month; – the consumption of the families, that supports the internal demand for products and services, withdrew 2% between last October and December; – the Brazilian government, always so optimistical in its forecasts, reduced for the half its expectation of expansion of the economy, of 4% for 2% in 2009. Beyond the spreading of these preoccupying pointers, Brazil still had ' ' prazer' ' to receive a visit ' ' ilustre' ': economist Nouriel Roubini, known mundialente as ' ' Dr.

Apocalipse' ' , for having been one of the only ones to foresee the Crisis of the Subprime. Roubini was in So Paulo, in Wednesday 11, the invitation of the BTG, the financistas Andres Esteves and Barren Prsio. With a voice of Conde Drcula it made jus to the fame. He started saying that the world-wide economy is in ' ' coma' '. Later, he said that one of the customers of its consultoria, one of the biggest American multinationals, confidenciou not to know to it if, daqui the two years, the company still will be alive.

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