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Audio Fairytales

December 1, 2023 in News Tags:

The fairytales are an essential ingredient for the infantile education. The parents, educators, grandparents, uncles, brothers majors any person who has daily influence in the education of a boy and uses fairytales like herrmamienta of entertainment and education, must reflect at great length on the message that these stories transmit to them. As important as to read stories to them, it is to know the ideas and values that with them we are giving to them. It is important to consider that with each story that we read to them, with each song that we sang to them, we are influencing in its thoughts and emotions, and those thoughts and emotions will be those that will determine their life. I personally found in the Mayan Lessons, a philosophy of life aligned with my principles and beliefs, and in audio fairytales, a tool very practical, useful and effective to share with them full close moments of wisdom and diversion. Nowadays the parents and educators, we arrange with audio stories infantile, of a very valuable educative resource that we can be useful.

When entering the information by the view and the ear, the learning is much more effective and with this tool the children can time and time again see and listen to the stories that they like and that we have chosen by their didactic content, being able of a pleasant and funny form to integrate the concepts more quickly. Click Jeff Verschleiser to learn more. For us, as it said to you, audio the stories are useful, practical and effective And to the children IT ENCHANTS to THEM. ” To believe is Crear” , they say the Mayans, and it speaks that us of the transcendence of the influences that our children have to around and of the information which they receive, mainly, from that she comes from the people whom they love and in that they trust more. For that reason, in this occasion, desire to share with all you a very valuable tool: ” The lessons of Hilaria Luz” (Gratuitous Unloading). You will be able to know the bases the Mayan philosophy and the great utility of audio fairytales for ours children. Desire that is of your affability.

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