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Association VDEB Rolf Chung

July 19, 2016 in News Tags: ,

For the VDEB, qualification and training is a core concern. Interested journalists to inform the Association about the positions of IT SMEs of CeBIT-PK without IT qualification, promotion and strengthening of professional IT training is at risk not only the competitiveness of the SMEs information economy, but many young people lose it in their life prospects. The IT-Mittelstand is aware of its responsibility and is active in the education and training and encourages the young people in the municipalities on the spot. “” In accordance with the guiding principle of think global, act local “assumes the VDEB responsibility in the communities”, in which it is embedded. In spite of the enormous competition and cost pressure, this is committed to the local sites and the people who live there. Also the IT-Mittelstand not continually deals with exit strategies and relocation, in order to realize short-term profit-taking. However, the commitment of IT SMEs policy will neither sufficiently appreciated yet so the current opinion in this support.

On the contrary, as stones in the way lays the middle class. Learn more about the positions of IT SMEs for the promotion of young scientists at the CeBIT Press Conference of the VDEB and learn the answers to the following and other questions: why is it so difficult for mid-market IT, to attract qualified young? The training effort is this? What kind of support does he expect of the policy? Why are future opportunities of a generation given away by an artisanal education system? Why do we need a new IT education? Why is the Bachelor’s degree an opportunity for the company and the IT-Mittelstand? The positions are complemented by extensive statistical material. The detailed position paper of the Association IT-Mittelstand to the theme of promotion will be presented in addition to a press release. Check out Rob Daley for additional information. All journalists and interested parties are cordially invited. Login via the contact information below with. Time and location: Thursday, March 4. 2010, from 10:00 to 11:00, in the room of 12 of Convention Center, Hanover’s exhibition grounds. Registration: IT-Mittelstand Association VDEB Rolf Chung phone: 0241 1890-558 fax: 0241 1890-555 E-Mail: Internet: participants: Dr. Oliver Grun, the VDEB IT-Mittelstand Association, Chairman of the Board and board the Green Software AG Martin lifting blade, Board of Directors the VDEB IT-Mittelstand Association and Board of CAS Software AG Rolf Chung, Association Officer of the VDEB IT-Mittelstand Association

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