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Assembly Platform

September 8, 2017 in News Tags:

Marta Bac 20m the concentration has been promoted by the Platform of Affected by Hipoteca and supported by the platform Real Democracy Already. A family of the district of Tetuan could remain in the street. Lara key is increpado by the assistants when considering opportunist its presence. They demand that a worthy reaccommodation to the deshauciados ones is guaranteed. From the 09,00 hours of this Wednesday hundreds of people they remain concentrated pacifically in number 14 of the street of the Naranjo of the Madrilenian district of Tetuan to try to avoid the ousting of Anwar and its family, that approximately take a year and a half without being able to do against the payment of their mortgage. The concentration, promoted by recently constituted Platform of Affected by Hipoteca (PAH) of Madrid and supported by the platform Real Democracy Already, has obtained that is suspended and postponed the ousting and that does not appear the judicial secretary, as has informed one into the present municipal police in the zone.

Francisco Garci’a, spokesman of the Assembly of Tetuan, assures that he is a victory thanks to citizen mobilization. " We have won a battle, but not it guerra". " We will return the times that falta&quot does; , it assures. For this reason, the following step that given is to go to the office of the zone of the BBVA, bank that granted the mortgage to Anwar, to ask for the forgiving of the debt. Once there, the concentrates have not stopped shouting: " Anwar, friend, we are with you! ". In addition, they request alternatives for this family, as a house in regime of rent and with option to purchase. Right to a worthy house the spokesman of Affected by Hipoteca, Chema Ruiz, has indicated that she is the first action of this platform and who they concentrate themselves so that " they do not throw to a family to the street " and to dnder the right to a worthy house.

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