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Are Cars Like Women?

June 30, 2017 in News Tags: ,

There are some parallels between cars and women – a humorous discussion with Embassy cars occupy a very high priority in the world of men for generations. Cars are far more than just a practical and comfortable means of transport on wheels. Cars embody passion, strength and beauty. Many men spend even name their cars. Most female names of course. Men love their cars – that always have been, and will probably always remain. Thus much time and money is invested in the care, beautification and improvement of cars. Car tuners are probably the most extreme in this respect.

Not infrequently, bank accounts are plundered and literally the last dime into new tuning parts such as spoilers or underbody lighting and automotive spare parts such as, for example, an intercooler. There sometimes more time and attention is given to the vehicle as the own girlfriend or wife. Many relationships have gone in fractions, because the man ultimately the beauty on four wheels the Chose beauty over two legs. But there are also men who seem to confuse their wives with their cars. There begins the man at some point, not only for his car, but also for his wife to buy spare parts and build a. In such cases, a separation is the probably the best solution from the perspective of involved female – with many females like myself seem himself such an overhaul also loving. May be the comparison between cars and women slightly lagging, but certain parallels are there already. Not for nothing, the bonnets are topped by fancy cars always with beautiful women.

Word games are downright essential: many cars look from back great and are an absolute disappointment from the front. Many cars sparkle and shine from the outside and are completely dirty inside. A car costs a man money and needs lots of attention and care. The hot chassis of a car is worthless if there is nothing under the hood. If a car is old, the paint goes off. Sometimes drive (s) without a car better than with. You could do so forever. With all of these statements, you can the word car easily replace with the word woman. But now seriously: Cars are really like women? Maybe some of them. A little bit at least. But in the end it is so: even the most exotic and most expensive car in the world is in effect just a car and can never be a great woman. Who sees this differently, has the most beautiful in the life to date missed.

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