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June 26, 2014 in News Tags: ,

Fortunately for the architect to see such an error in the finished building was absolutely impossible. School history courses contain a lot of general information about the Great Pyramid, which allows us to move immediately to problems that required solutions to a stage that can be called design, as well as moments of change of building programm.Nemalo argue about why the slopes of the faces of the pyramids vary within a narrow range between 55 and 43 , but it is in any case indicates that the task of determining the angle each time re-solved, as independent. Only in cases where absolutely different construction of the pyramids were one and the same master, which is evident by their signatures on the remaining stone blocks, and repeated the corner – is transmitted ability to calculate the angle, but sample is not borrowed. Ben Lerer follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. For the historically short time, the initial architect's ability to reach high maturity. Among the puzzles are challenging and the following question: how to sustain the same accuracy of the edge of the pyramid, so that all four edges converged at one point almost without error? As long as each block of stone exactly hew down and placed at the point (one and all blocks are marked), it is about how to determine the geometric pattern and, first and foremost – for the corner stones of irregular shape. How was finding the angle of the edge to the corner, literally, a stone? We do not know maybe, but one thing is clear: such an operation can not be done with almost perfect clarity without strict geometrical construction, allows us to produce a pattern.

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