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Anti-cellulitis Fasting – A Seminar, It Has In

November 28, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Orange or peach, that is the question of Corsica here – is in everyone’s lips and countless products against the unsightly cellulite the costs incurred by the pharmacies and drug stores decorate orange peel along with Abnehmcremes, diet powders and self-tanning creams. Vast sums of money are spent to combat the ugly dents, as soon as the pinch test to the thigh has convinced one, that she now even among the victims, and this is despite the constant reminders of the Stiftung Warentest, only the manufacturer will benefit from the sale of these products. The same is true for various electrical devices using causes often pain and who are completely unsuited for severely obese women – which were to present the orange peel to tackle. Although the skin with regular use is often smooth, but can be achieved this effect by applying an ordinary body lotion. And yet a telling detail: in numerous test series, which achieved Placebo creams better marks than the real cellulite creams the annoying cellulite almost exclusively women are affected by the specific reasons, is so although serious, but not medical but aesthetic problem perceived as.

This is understandable, but not quite right. Although the cellulite is not a disease, but makes them visible, that the body is overloaded and must produce sooner or later certain diseases if not curbed is certain grievances. Cellulite has the merit to thus, the often decades-long and desperate struggle of the body against a permanent\”too much\” in the body to make visible. It is because that this hardly is perceived in the public, that a large part of the school doctor denies still the concept of slag formation in the body. There is claimed with fascinating stubbornness there would be no deposit products in the body, because the healthy body ideally everything that he does not need retires. Why fast now but when cellulite? What’s the point? Quite simply: The toxins stored in the connective tissue such as medications, dental toxins, environmental toxins, but also water retention and salts are extracted and transported away (it is important that you drink, drink and drink again.

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