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Andrea Gensel Advisory

June 22, 2017 in News Tags: , ,

CarpeDiem24 started lower turnover and sick leave has to fly there with fear, to go shopping later or to leave the House at all. It was worse and worse and I trust me soon hard to work. The anxiety attacks fell over me more and more out of nowhere and without reason for me. It was hardly possible to concentrate on my work, and I stayed frequently at home. I felt crazy and liked not even confide in a physician”, said project manager of an automotive supplier in North Germany. Similar to it’s many employees and executives and the number of sufferers neurotic disorders increases immensely.

The Board of Directors of a large construction Association who suffered so much under his control forced, that it was impossible for him to cope with his daily routine. The gothabilly company CarpeDiem24 – specializing in external employee assistance – anonymously and greet of the sweep in the production professionals in virtually all private am supervised down to the Chairman of the Board and professional issues, to support them, to gain the mental health when to keep or restore. CarpeDiem24 employs more than 45 employees plus freelancers (doctors and established psychotherapists), which are reachable in short discussions and short-time treatment 24 hours a day for employees and executives of her party, all professional and private concerns to provide solution-oriented support at 6 locations. Alone the awareness of the employees, that they even in the evening or at night could consult”calms and enables you to day concerns are somewhat smaller and move it in the evening. “CarpeDiem24 also Manager contact that is no problems” but for a long time have insomnia or headaches. Contact CarpeDiem24 without having to be aware about how much she kept this early contact and help search before serious Burnout symptoms and long-term symptoms.

Unfortunately allows himself does not measure how many employees does not”in a burnout would have fallen into a deep depression or how many employees would have delivered less nonconformity in the workplace and not used the external counseling staff by CarpeDiem24. Some companies have an own psychologists in the course of corporate health management. But this is not as useful as the external anonymous advice, which can be invoked. The threshold is significantly lower if anonymously by phone or in person may be advised. More info: Managing Director: Andrea Gensel Advisory: Bjorn Engholm, Dr. Raimund Mildner, Norbert Basler

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