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August 16, 2018 in News Tags: ,

Anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders that in almost half of the people who have them, were developed as a result of the practice of diets? miracle? or poorly conducted weekend diets. This is one of the reasons why is not recommended to follow this type of dietasrapidas, as they may be highly dangerous and enclose many risks, when not done under professional supervision. Today, the supply of specialists in nutriology allows access this type of professional services so that they design custom diets, always respecting the indications on its duration and above all, balance in the diet, to ensure healthy and friendlier with the Agency results. In addition to the diet itself, the practice of physical exercise to get in shape, in such a way that can be to the person’s proper weight is always recommended. You may want to visit Jeff Gennette to increase your knowledge. One of the diets most used by nutritionists, is the diet of proteins, for those who can take it to lose weight relatively quickly and permanently.

This diet is based on the basic principles that a contribution of proteins prepared in different ways, and the restriction of the consumption of sugars and fats. This type of power produces a ketogenesis caused by a deficit in the supply of carbohydrates, which causes a loss of weight quickly and comfortably. The minimum contribution of carbohydrate that requires body, is acquired through the consumption of vegetables, since the nervous system needs of carbohydrates to function. Meals in this regime, are composed of a preparation of proteins with vegetables, both lunch and dinner, supplementing with vitamins and minerals.

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