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African Work

June 11, 2019 in News Tags:

This commercialization alone minimized with the construction of great cities, and the extration of the mineirio. In Century XVIII, Marquis of Pigeon house forbids to the use them all aboriginal languages in the domestic territory, institutionalizing the Portuguese language the iron and fire. In century XIX opening of new agricultural borders, the integration of new regions, the opening of railroads happened or roads. In Brazil, it strengthens the idea of that would have happened a fusing between the etnia, the culture and the social life, thus they do not justify the preconception against the color of the skin of the blacks. They know that the regimen of the monpolio was one of the grandesresponsveis for sequetro of more than 6 million African blacks for desumanos works. The same ones they were exported to it are of the country to work in devices, to exert other activities as plantations, artesanatos and harvest of coffee and others. With passing of the time it caused a revolt and many fuguiam for Columbus of the Palmares and expressed through musics as the samba, soul music, spirituals, reggae what it was feeling due to situation that if found in the fazandeiros farms you. The State of Amazon finished with the slavery in 1884.

Shortly afterwards the jangadeiros the Cear if they had refused to carry slaves. Some private groups, as the Caifazes organized violent actions for the release of the blacks of its owners. The same ones were carried to the quilombos, that had started to be notice. Without any support, having that to concur in the mercado one of work, the blacks had divided themselves in: to continue in the places where they worked ace costs to negotiate some thing for itself and its families when they could; to final survive of odd jobs opposing to enter any relation of work that not presuposse the freedom; to use itself in some of the needy options that if opened in the desenvolvimento of the urbanization.

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