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Advertising Disseminators

August 10, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Disseminators of advertising are users, or rather their accounts, which recommend someone to buy something or take something. As a loud example of this is viral marketing campaign online stores 'Platypus'. At about the same some time, "thousands," (user diaries, in which several thousand regular readers) have published the texts of similar content on the "I buy products only in the 'Platypus' and all advise." Outraged using private accounts, users immediately organized antikampaniyu, promising never to use the services of this commercial network. However antikampaniya brought the expected results: the Internet talking about 'Platypus'. The need for the same networks, interest in them and motivate people to participate should stay separate.

On the one hand, the inherent advantage is – the possibility of finding people who are on other channels would be nearly impossible to find. Also, a search for like-minded people on various areas of information (video, audio, text, activities, posters and other things) the opportunity to negotiate promptly with plenty of people (say, a meeting of a class or other major event), time-saving information to vykladyvanii interested parties (such as a photograph is much more convenient to put on the website and note review only to friends rather than doing mailing a large volume of information). However, in practice it appears that the motivation of people goes far beyond vyshepredstavlennyh benefits. Through the network starts just replace personal life. In line status (the inscription at the top of the personal pages of the user, like the epigraph), we can see all the thoughts, desires, frustration and other emotions.

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