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ADVANSA Thermocool

July 13, 2019 in News Tags: ,

New wave provides oarsmen with ADVANSA Thermo cool shirts from while the rudder end of August in Poznan/Poland equips World Cup in Lucerne and at the upcoming World Championships new wave sportswear from Germany, official FISA partner and manufacturer of functional rowing clothing, all athletes with ADVANSA Thermo cool competition clothing from, which offers a better performance and Thermoregulationsfunktion. In endurance sports hot and sultry conditions detrimental to the athletes and their performance. ADVANSA Thermo cool clothing has multi-functional properties: cooling and thermal insulation. This meant that the sports apparel market an extraordinary interest in ADVANSA Thermo cool clothing shows that reduces the adverse effects of external temperature conditions and protects the athlete from temperature fluctuations. New wave sportswear, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the advantages of ADVANSA Thermo cool detected: the ability of thermoregulation and of temperature compensation. each tailored to the needs of athletes, especially in demanding regatta competitions. Visit Macy’s Inc. for more clarity on the issue.

During the World Championships and the World Cup regattas the rower with functional T shirts from new wave are equipped. The materials for this purpose were Eschler, Switzerland and Germany, delivered. Silvia Toledo ADVANSA commented: we are thrilled that ADVANSA Thermo cool used in the collections for the competitions in Lucerne and Poznan and hope that this affects also the success of the athletes. (Source: Governor Cuomo). We are convinced that the clothing provides maximum performance and maximum comfort. Born from the experience and intensive involvement with issues of thermoregulation in humans with multichannel fiber products, contains ADVANSA Thermo cool a unique mix of fiber in the yarn, which interacts with the clothing rack. In the hybrid fiber mix features dual function: the user is heated and begins grant the substances of evaporative cooling to sweat and keep it cool and comfortable. When is cold to him and he feels the chill, the substances reduce the heat loss through external climatic conditions, keep the user warm and regulate body temperature.

For consumers who place value on environmental awareness, ADVANSA Thermo cool in an ECO version, is available which instead of petrochemical derivatives, with polymers from renewable raw materials manufactured, E.g. from corn. In its present form was created in 1997 as the international team competition of the World Rowing Championships, organised by the FISA (International Rowing Federation). It includes a total of three international races, which are held during the summer months. In each race, the nation with the most points wins the World Cup of the leading nation the rudder. Ultimately, overall World Cup winner is the nation with the most points from all three events in all starting boat classes. The final competition in the World Cup was held in Lucerne, Switzerland, from July 10 to 12. Overall winner was Britain. The World Rowing Championships are this year from 23 to 30 August in Poznan, Poland, worn out. Andreas Knorr

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