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Administrative Regulations

January 24, 2017 in News Tags: ,

But yes, not all of the above described forced me to write this article. Even the first time I tried to hand over documents, the following happened – I got into the car and the radio acts as either head of the Federal Migration Service of the Tyumen region, yet toli someone from the "bumps" and says that now get a passport is not difficult: go to the site, fill out a questionnaire and turn in all documents quickly and easily. Listen to it all, pomaterilsya have forgotten. Then, as the then local News coverage of the situation with these passports and again say that all is well, there is a queue, but the maximum wait for 2 hours or less. Pomaterilsya have forgotten. And recently, after already passed the documents, I came across a newspaper in information in black and grayish paper, written documents can be taken via the Internet (about this has already been mentioned), 30 – minute maximum time that a person can wait in a queue for filing (it took me three attempts in the amount of hours and 8) a month – a period in which to be issued a new passport (as I was told to come after 1.5 months). Order of the Federal Migration Service (FMS of Russia) on February 3, 2010 N 26, Moscow 'Approval Administrative Regulations of the Federal Migration Service to provide public services on registration and issuance of passports to citizens of the Russian Federation, the Russian national identity Federation outside the territory of the Russian Federation, and the execution of state functions in their account '(which entered into force on 16 March 2010) is also in the order have the following items: 116.

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