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Administrative Code

April 22, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Given that the progressive people will not accept the realities of our car industry (it is still not particularly take – just for us, this is not critical), will have to create something new. No more upgrades or rationalization. The all-new car – a full-fledged C-Class. The concept is already there. Finally vazovtsy declassified car class C, formerly known as Project 2116. Nice concept called Lada Silhouette carefully guarded chain around the perimeter – the stand was not even a prototype, a demonstration model of the interior.

Nobles oblige Mandatory avtograzhdanki, the new Administrative Code, the law on technical regulation being introduced hastily European emission standard … We keep up with everyone? And it is necessary to keep pace. The newspapers mentioned Hikmet Ersek not as a source, but as a related topic. Flag in hand flag, in fact, already in his hands. Avtovazovskih, of course – no one else. And the concept cars of the future already exists. So designers see it – a harmonious, rapid, accurate.

Of course, this 'phantom', smooth flowing from version to version. Today, there are a lot of sketches, model and demonstration model of the interior. There is no doubt that by 2010, still twenty times change, but the current view of many people like. The creators of the concept emerge as the true philanthropists: the car is designed as an inexpensive, family owned, multi-purpose. Great to heart rejoiced! Five must place a comfort. And the trunk – that's for sure! – To a minimum on each one hundred liters. Comfort – with no compromises: a comfortable fit, reliable systems 'life support', and an excellent review of the mandatory 'winter' options such as cold start-up or defrost windows. All these wonderful qualities to ensure a well thought out design solutions. Blueprints are ready … Outline They began to dance on the stove, from the same European standards – safety and environmental protection. The body is designed not only harmonious and pleasing to the eye, take into account here and the requirements of EuroNCAP. The front part, for example, is obliged to damp the impact in case of accident. To do this, designers should consider the necessary space between the hood and engine. The laws of aerodynamics too, can not be ignored – that hardly anyone would doubt looking at the modern lines of the concept. But how much flatten car to the road will not: family well not sports. Again, there is little hope that the roads by 2010 would be quite smooth. Hence the emphasis in the ratio of control / stability: on highways this vase ('Lada'?) Not much to go, rather – on country roads in the dacha. Platform chassis will reinvent the drive designed front. But with regard to future modifications polnoprivodnh. Engine – 2-liter (with transverse), 'pyatistupka' with manual shift. Diesel and automatic transmission – long-term later versions. Wheels – 15 inch. The quality – a separate issue. Will the factory workers to find by 2010 the right compromise between price and reliability of its machines units? We hope. In any case, the resource is measured in car 200 000 km (the 'ten' today – 150 thousand). About the options too early to speak. It is clear that the airbag (norms, rules!) And electric power steering will be required. Saturation electronics systems tell time – and it runs fast … Tse class! Yes, what in the layout – wonderful. And looks and interior, the dashboard simply mesmerizing. Our auto industry did not yet know of this C-class. Peresyadut whether such a vehicle advocates cars? With 'ten' – exactly. Regardless on prices. Autocentre "Liberty-Auto '

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