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Acceleration Of Site Indexing

August 5, 2019 in News Tags:

Sooner or later every web-master faced with the problem of indexing its life, usually it is what you need in the short term to drive the site in search engines to index, but search engines have been slow to index the site. What can you do? On this and will be discussed. Crawford Lake Capital Management follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. To speed up the indexing of your site, there are many methods, but better use of their complex. First you need to work on the site itself. This includes a competent site well-thought-out navigation menus, creating a site map. After these steps, you can start over external factors that will help speed up indexing site. The first thing to do – is to drive site directories. Directories have lost their ability to improve performance site, but still works fine for the acceleration of indexation.

Even more than the directories have the effect of social bookmarks. They are very fond of search engines, so They are on almost constantly, hence the reference to your resource will not go unnoticed and crawler goes to your website and may produce its indexing. Just do not be superfluous to drive website on the boards ads and forums, if the action is done correctly, you can get and the influx of visitors. In addition, blogs with a similar theme to your site and comment on posts written there. Finally, purchase ten, another fatty link (eg in the Sape or LinkFeed). Probably would be better if these links will from news portals, as they are updated frequently, so there are constantly in search engines. If use these methods, the indexing of your site in 98% occurs within 1-2 days! That's all.

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